Auckland Aikikai Instructors

Auckland Aikikai has several top class Aikido instructors in it’s ranks and all are passionate Aikido practitioners.

Rosso Fernandez Sensei

6 Dan - Chief Instructor

Rosso Sensei was the first person from New Zealand to receive the Fifth-Dan Degree from the Late Ni-daime Doshu UESHIBA, Kisshomaru and is internationally recognised and acknowledged as chief instructor of an independent Aikikai organisation in New Zealand by Aikido Hombu Dojo.

Billy Brown

5th Dan - Instructor, Auckland Aikikai, Kohimarama Dojo

Billy Brown is the instructor at the Kohimarama Dojo.

Eddie Ng

3rd Dan - Instructor, Auckland Aikikai, Whangaparoa Dojo

Eddie Ng is the instructor at the Whangaparaoa Dojo.

Henning Kruger

2nd Dan - Assistant Instructor at New Plymouth Dojo

Henning is the assistant instructor responsible for the New Plymouth Dojo.