About Aikido

Aikido is an efficient and extremely effective, principally non-aggressive Japanese budo (modern martial way). Derived of and refined from various Bujutsu and Kobudo (ancient martial arts and ways). Based on natural circular movements whereby an opponent’s force or energy is utilised or controlled to immobilise or throw an assailant or aggressor. Aikido exploits the natural turning motions of the various joints and nerve centres of the body to throw, immobilise or pin an opponent. A skilled Aikido practitioner, through constant and spirited training, therefore requires relatively little physical strength to control or overcome an opponent. Thus making Aikido highly suitable for everyone whether young or old, strong or frail, male or female. With its strong philosophical base of self-awareness and control, discipline, confidence and a positive perspective for harmony in life, this Budo provides a path to follow in today’s busy and often stressful society.

Aikido Philosophy

Aikido is a Budo. All Budo have the same pinnacle, with each having a different, yet similar process or path towards attaining it.

Auckland Aikikai Instructors

Auckland Aikikai has several high ranked instructors and assistant instructors who share in the training of Aikido students.


The Yudansha-kai represents the Black Belt Group at Auckland Aikikai and is part of our Development Program aimed at inspiring and promoting Aikido awareness amongst our membersip and the general public.


How do you start Aikido? Easy – just come along to your nearest Dojo! It really can be that simple but everything you need to know about starting is in this section.

Aikido for Kids

Kids can start Aikido as early as 5 and it is the perfect way for children to improve balance, co-ordination & flexibilty, within a structured positive environment.

Aikido Uniforms

If you intend to training regularly you will need a uniform or ‘Gi’. Starter Packs are available to anyone wanting to join Auckland Aikikai and we can organise the right size uniform for you.

Resources & Links

Auckland Aikikai is part of a global network of Aikido but also has a lot of friends and contacts around the world.